Sunday, May 29, 2011

HP Comics By Lucy Knisley

I'm a big fan of comics, I love reading them and like most people the first thing I ever read in my life was Magid magazine and Mickey, I'm not exactly the greatest painter but I'm learning .
So to make a long story short I'm also a HUGE fan of harry potter :D, This books has been my childhood best friend and my most beloved ones, I started reading them when i was just seven, and I have always looked for comics about harry potter but I never found one that I really liked, But today while I was on the internet googling I found this Comics drawn by Lucy Knisley and I LOVED them, she's drawing a strip for every book, so far she did the first six and she's so damn creative, It can be a little bit hard to follow up with her if you haven't read the books, But to me as a loyal books fan I found them great, She's so funny and most importantly simple which I love the most in comic drawing .
You can see the six comics here , and this is Lucy's site if you want to see more of her work .

This is my favorite one :D, click on it for a better resolution .


د/دودى said...

فعلا الصوره بعد فتحها افضل كتير ...انا كمان بموت فى الكوميكس يمكن مش هوايه دائما لكن كلنا ابتدينا فى ميكى و سمير بس شكلك انتى كملتى فى احتراف الاستمتاع بيها..

Shahd Essam said...

د/دودى @ انا بحب جدا قرايتها و بحاول ارسم لكن لسه فى البدايات خالص مش رسامة يعنى .. عامة قراية الكوميكس بس متعة انصحك متبطليهاش :))

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