Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Post

This is my first post here .. I don't really know what to write .. you can visit the About me page to know more about me , I'm not an expert in anything whatsoever but I've alot of interests : Art, Music ,Politics, Sports and life in general and I'll write about all this in here .
I guess that's it , I'll come back later and I wish you ( whoever is reading ) will like the blog . thank you for passing by .


صفا حرك said...

just wanted to let u know that I love ur blog theme & that cute gurl =)

Good luck '',)

Mohamed Ibrahim said...

Go ahead Shahd.. We'll wait more posts soon.
Mohamed Ibrahim

twitter: boty82

Shahd Essam said...

@ safa hey, thanks alot dear .. and i love your blog too, you have one of the best word selection and style in writing :))

@ mohamed thanks alot ,i'll post something soon isa :)

د/دودى said...

it doen`t matter what you gonna to say ...all its matter to say what u want from your heart and soul without pressure...

Shahd Essam said...

@Dody thanks for your nice words .. i intend to do this exactly :)

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