Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to blogging !

I haven't written a word in this blog for nearly three months now, even on twitter I haven't been that active at all, I have the feeling that I'm wasting my life on this all media shit instead of doing something on the real world, but again I found out that I really like this media shit :D, and no harm will happen if I kept talking to myself in social networks, but I really wish I can do anything especially when it comes to the country in the real world, I know I can't do much, actually I can't do anything but the feeling that you're trying is better than feeling guilty that you're not doing anything -this sounds selfish-, I feel useless and that I haven't done anything and part of the problem is that I know it's because of me, yes like 95% of the time I didn't go to protests or stands or whatever because my parents won't let me go or because I can't sneak out and find a way, but this 5% that remains is because of me, I have been lazy or not wanting to go or whatever even if sometimes I was able to, I believe confessing will make it easier for me to face that fact, and since my lazy days are over -so is my vacation- I will probably be able to be a more active human being hopefully, and BTW I'm back to blogging !! .


د/دودى said...

مالك عامله تأنبى نفسك ليه كده ؟؟..احيانا الواحد بيكسل نت لفتره و احيانا بتكون طويله كمان لكن كالعاده بنرجع بنرجع اه صحيح نفسنا نعمل حاجه فى الواقع بدل العالم الافتراضى لكن ادينا بنحاول ...حمدالله عالسلامه و متقطعيش كده تانى

Shahd Essam said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely words :)

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